The Inca’s Secret


Scientist: Francisco Fuentes
Designer: Valentina Oppezzo

Group #55 presents: “The Inca’s Secret” dress! The garment is inspired by Francisco’s (the Scientist) extensive research on Quinoa, and Valentina’s (the Designer) commitment to vegan and eco-friendly fashion. Francisco’s research on the “Mother Grain” (as Quinoa translates from the languages of the Quechua and Aymara populations -descendants of the Inca Empire) started twelve years ago, when he traveled to Colchane, Chile, to work with indigenous farmers on Quinoa’s plantations. Afterwards, he started developing his molecular genetic studies focused on the plant, and he has investigated since then how its natural dietary compounds modulate molecular pathways in the organism to protect against carcinogens, via its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

“The Inca’s Secret” dress is not just a dress: it’s a story, which is rooted in an ancient past and projects in a future of possibilities for the use of Quinoa as dietary supplement thanks to its beneficial properties. Each layer of the dress is a chapter of this story: starting from the Inca’s culture, though the beautiful landscapes of Andes, the cultivation of the plants and extraction of the grain, to the mapping of Quinoa’s DNA sequences. The outfit is 100% vegan friendly (only cruelty-free materials have been used for the garment and accessories – no leather, silk, fur, feathers or wool), and it incorporates eco-friendly fabrics (like organic cotton, hemp and wild nettle).

What’s “The Inca’s Secret”? Look at how the dress “illuminates” the answer.


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